Welcome to Leitner & Associates – your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of legal and regulatory compliance. Our seasoned consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that ensure your organization not only meets but exceeds industry standards and legal requirements.

Our journey together begins with a thorough inventory of your current processes and practices, establishing a clear and detailed status quo. This critical step enables us to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, forming the foundation of our tailored consulting approach.

Following the inventory, we conduct a GAP analysis to meticulously compare your current state against required legal and regulatory standards. This analysis reveals any discrepancies and areas of non-compliance, guiding us in the creation of a robust action plan.

Our services extend to project management, where our experienced team takes the lead in ensuring the successful implementation of the identified action items. We are committed to not just providing recommendations, but actively driving change and improvement within your organization.

At Leitner & Associates, we believe in the power of clear and effective documentation. To this end, we assist in the creation of comprehensive guidelines, work instructions, process descriptions, control plans, and checklists. These documents serve as valuable resources, ensuring consistency, clarity, and compliance across all facets of your operations.

Understanding the pivotal role of third-party service providers in today’s business landscape, we also offer support in selecting the most appropriate partners for your needs. Whether it’s outsourcing companies, service providers, or other external entities, we guide you in making informed decisions that align with your compliance objectives and operational requirements.

Trust in Leitner & Associates to be your guiding hand in achieving and maintaining compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to provide clarity, direction, and peace of mind, paving the way for a successful, compliant, and resilient future.