At Leitner & Associates, we are committed to helping your organization navigate the complexities of legal and regulatory compliance. Our suite of solutions is designed to address every aspect of compliance management, ensuring your operations are secure, efficient, and fully aligned with all applicable laws and regulations.

Explore our range of tailored solutions:

1. Audit: Our audit services provide a thorough and systematic evaluation of your business processes, risk management, and internal controls. We offer a process- and risk-oriented approach to create comprehensive audit plans, conduct in-depth interviews and sample testing, and deliver detailed audit reports. Our follow-up audits and regular reporting ensure continuous improvement and compliance.

2. Consulting: Leverage our expertise to navigate legal and regulatory requirements with confidence. Our consulting services include conducting GAP analyses, creating actionable plans, and offering project management support. We assist in developing guidelines, control plans, and documentation, ensuring your operations are compliant and efficient.

3. Training: Enhance your team’s knowledge and skills with our comprehensive training programs. We offer seminars, webinars, in-house training, and SCORM-capable e-learnings tailored to legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring your staff is well-equipped to uphold compliance standards.

4. Interim Management: In times of transition or need for specialized skills, our interim management services provide seasoned professionals to fill critical roles, such as the Information Security Officer. We ensure continuity in leadership and compliance management, safeguarding your operations.

5. Outsourcing: Optimize your resource allocation and ensure compliance with our outsourcing services. We provide experienced professionals to take on officer roles (Compliance Officer, MLRO, ISO, DPO, and more) and 2nd and 3rd LoD positions, ensuring your organization meets all legal and regulatory standards.

At Leitner & Associates, we understand the importance of maintaining compliance in today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our solutions are crafted to provide maximum security, efficiency, and peace of mind, ensuring your organization can focus on what it does best. Trust in our expertise to guide you through the complexities of compliance management.